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  • American ACI-318
  • British BS4449
  • Europe AFCAB
  • Tensile Strength: 800mpa-1050mpa
  • Yield Strength: 600-750mpa
  • Permanent elongation test: <0.1
JB type solar light
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    All the products will have the guarantee for 3 years , if any quality problems arised , JBCZ will provide Unconditional replacement.
    E-mail: jb@jbcz.com
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    • JB type solar light
    • JB type solar light
    • JB type solar light
    • JB type solar light
    • JB type solar light
    • JB type solar light
Quick Detail:

JBCZ Subordinate Products---Lawn Lamp

The design of lawn lamp is according to the exterior and the soft lighting to make the city lawn more charming. At the same time , it’s easy to install and is a excellent adornment. Lawn lamp can be used in parks, garden villas, plazas,etc. Lawn lamp used widely in slow traffic lane, narrow lane,residential community,tourist attractions, park,plaza, private garden, courtyard corridor and other public place to make the lighting beside one side or both sides of road. Lawn lamp not only can be used to provide people the lighting and convenience and enhance people’s sense of security , but also make the city get unique. Light source is the most important thing of all lighting products , it can be selected according different lighting requirements, brand and type. Incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, newest LED lamp are all general lighting.

JBCZ is the first manufacturer of LED lighting source- Lawn lamp factory Advantages

 Without power source

 Without trenching and site wiring

 Without draging power

 Without any damage of environment and arrangement

 Reduce quantity of workers

 Saving power

 Anti-seismic -- Without any shake due to power output

 Low voltage power source , higher safety performance. There’s no worries of hurt from the lighting power of lights because the voltage of each bulb is only 2V-4V

 Without radiation,ultraviolet ray,infrared lamp in lighting .

(Normal Incandescent Lamp has these items which will hurt people’s eyes and health after using for a long time )

JBCZ started in 1987 which has 60000 ㎡ ㎡ factory, and engaged in construction material production and sales. The parent company products has used in over 1100 international famous projects , JBCZ has put the market into 31 countries and received highest praise from each client after sale. 

JBCZ characteristic :We can customiza according to requirement of clients,we can produce your individual lighting,we will provide the design for you from lighting source to whole size and charming radian.Anyway,JBCZ will provide the Product what you want.

Here are some products designed for our clients:


is designed for Brazilian client and applied in Brazil Rio Central Park. This lawn lamp requires sense lines and fit the mature style of Brazil Rio Central Park.

The type JB-2009--customized for a Romania client in 2009.

It is widely applied for its simple style and long-time lighting, the average lighting time is 235% more than competitors’. The Romania client requested for the lamp operation life. So we designed the lamp with 360 degree circular lighting, which can gathering light and reduce excessive volatility. At the same time, we imported the light source from Germany to satisfy client’s demand. This is client is a intermediary. Since he purchased 200 lamps from our company in 2009, the number of purchase quantity has increased by an average of 40% annually. The number exceeded 5,000 in 2015. From customer’s trust to market cooperation, JBCZ believes that customer’s requirements also improve our product’s quality.

ALI-2013 Type

Customized for Saudi Arabian Client in 2013. At the same time , it has the color difference. Frankly , the client finally used the golden yellow instead of black in this picture. Fortunately, this Saudi Arabian Client achieved excellent achievements which 3 times higher than before because this lawn lamp was customized. Then named this type ---ALI 2013 .

JB-2006 Turkey Client Customized by Samples

JB-2008 China Olympic Games & Olympic Village Specified Lawn Lamp.

This type has already passed the strict tests and selection of Chinese

Government. One of representatives of Chinese lawn lamp, and the

quality much higher than Chinese lamp peers.

We promise we have over 1200 different kinds of lawn lamp , including the standard type and customized. Any interests , please contact us directly , we will send product specification for free and catalog for more details according to your requirements . We have courtyard lamp ,high pole lamp , etc . 

Any requirements ,please send us e-mail for further information or call JBCZ. It’s really competitive for you to cooperate with JBCZ because we are direct selling as one authentic factory. At the same time , we provide the products customized.

JBCZ promises clients:

All the products will have the guarantee for 3 years , if any quality problems arised , JBCZ will provide Unconditional replacement.

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