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  • American ACI-318
  • British BS4449
  • Europe AFCAB
  • Tensile Strength: 800mpa-1050mpa
  • Yield Strength: 600-750mpa
  • Permanent elongation test: <0.1
rebar thread protection cover
  • Brief Introduction:
    JBCZ is a professional manufacturer of upset forging parallel thread coupler and rebar threading machine .
    *Rebar connection range: from 12mm to 40mm, equal to #4 to #12 British rebar size.
    E-mail: jb@jbcz.com
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    • rebar thread protection cover
    • rebar thread protection cover
    • rebar thread protection cover
Quick Detail:

Name:Rebar Thread Protection Cover


Function of rebar coupler plastic cap:

The rebar coupler protection caps were used to protect thread on the end of rebar

Why choose JBCZ rebar couplers

1, High strength: The strength reach Grade I, stronger than the reinforcement bar and guarantees bar break under tensile stress (tensile strength of connection point =1.1 times of connected bar). It can satisfy the requirements stipulated in the Chinese standard JGJ107-2003, JG171-2005

2, Wide working range: Adaptable for 12mm-50mm same diameter, different diameter, bending, new and old, advance covered up rebar of GB 1499, BS 4449, ASTM A615 or ASTM A706 standard.

3, High efficiency: Upset forging and threading one joint only needs no more than one minute, and handy operation and quick link.

4, Environmental protection and economy profit: No Environment pollution, can work all day, not affected by weather, economize energy source and bar material.

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