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  • American ACI-318
  • British BS4449
  • Europe AFCAB
  • Tensile Strength: 800mpa-1050mpa
  • Yield Strength: 600-750mpa
  • Permanent elongation test: <0.1
weldable coupler
  • Brief Introduction:
    JBCZ is a professional manufacturer of upset forging parallel thread coupler and rebar threading machine .
    *Rebar connection range: from 12mm to 40mm, equal to #4 to #12 British rebar size.
    E-mail: jb@jbcz.com
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Quick Detail:

Bartec Type---Upset forging parallel thread connection

Weldable coupler-----It’s suitable for the connection between beam and column,including some special structure about the connection of steel plate,pre-cast connection.

weldable coupler

Brief introduction

JBCZ specialize in manufacturing upset forging parallel thread coupler and threading machine,rebar connection range:12-40mm size,it’s equal to #4 #12 rebar specification of British standard.


JBCZ upset forging parallel thread coupler meet the international standard of

ASTM American standard,BS4449 British standard,BIS-1786 India,JISG3112 Japan,KSD-3504 Korea ,Brazil ABNTNBR480:2007,Ukraine DSTU-3760,France NFA35-016,Europe BS EN10080,etc.

*Chinese national standard type couper(12-40mm)


Product Characteristic:

Bartec is designed for φ12-φ50mm(ASTM#4-#8)parallel thread mechanical rebar connection system.It’s according to Eurocode 2,BS 8110,DIN1045,ACI 318,IBC,AASHTO,ASME Sec III Div 2 standard to design and manufacture.


Product Advantage:

No occupation rebar area in junction

Give full play to rebar ductile

Easy installation,no need wrench

One coupler can meet all connection requirements(standard/bolted coupler)

Production under strict standard of ISO 9001 and ASME quality warranty plan.Authorized by third part

Totally full trace ability to origin and production batch No.

Type 2 coupler is suitable for earthquake area

Do tests under reverse cycle circumstance

Solve the problem about rebar congestion

No need large quantity to connect the rebar


There’re many types of rebar connection about weldable coupler,some column rotation structure which connect with steel plate weldable coupler,also some are embedded in the floor and there’re some design requirements for special parts.Weldable type coupler is very flexible,it can be customized according to different application places and requirements from customers.The following pictures are common types

Anchor Rod Type of weldable coupler

Anchor Rod Type :The whole bolt with plate is fixed,couplers can bidirectional connection

Unidirectional connection of weldable coupler

Unidirectional connection,it’s very common in the connection of pre-cast and steel plate welding,the design of coupler is unidirectional connection and the other end is welding fixed mode.

Weldable bidirectional mode of weldable coupler

Weldable bidirectional mode,this kind of coupler can be used in weldable connection,it’s a kind of versatile, flexible,bottom plate connection can be used as pre-cast system,steel column connection can be used as extend system and it also can be used as bidirectional anchor rod connection.It’s popular with customers in weldable connection. 

Compete set of weldable coupler

Compete set of weldable coupler connection,coupler is welded with steel plate directly,Both ends of coupler have two modes,one is go ,another one is not go . Go Mostly applied in the connection of two concrete board, Not go mostly applied in the concrete pre-cast.

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