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  • American ACI-318
  • British BS4449
  • Europe AFCAB
  • Tensile Strength: 800mpa-1050mpa
  • Yield Strength: 600-750mpa
  • Permanent elongation test: <0.1
BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
  • Brief Introduction:
    JBCZ is a professional manufacturer of upset forging parallel thread coupler and rebar threading machine .
    *Rebar connection range: from 12mm to 40mm, equal to #4 to #12 British rebar size.
    *JBCZ up...
    E-mail: jb@jbcz.com
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    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
    • BARTEC type upset forging adding length parallel thread coupler
Quick Detail:

Bartec type —Upset forging parallel thread rebar splicing coupler 

Adding length thread connection ——The best way to butt joint rebar cages that two reinforcing bars can’t be rotated.

Cold forging connection system


Product Feature

Bartec is parallel thread splicing system which is designed for Ø12 to Ø40mmASTM #4 to #8rebar conneciton. Designed and produced in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, DIN 1045, ACI 318, IBC, AASHTO, ASME Sec III Div 2

Product advantage

*No reducing of rebar cross sectional area

*Pass elongation test .

*Easy installation , no need torch wrench.

*one coupler can meet all connection requirement

*Manufactured under ISO 9001 standard and same strict quality guarantee.Tested by third party.

*Full traceability of raw material and production batch.

*Tested under several cyclic situation

*No bar conjunction problem happen.

*No large quantity of bars required.


*It can pass below test :

0.5 million times -coupler fatigue test,   

1.5 million times-coupler fatigue test,

2 million times-coupler fatigue test,

3.5 million times-coupler fatigue test, coupler fatigue test

The feature of adding length connection——It is suitable for the connection that two reinforcing bars can’t be rotated , butt joint the rebar cage. 

In many projects , the most common columns need large and dense rebar cages. During the rebar cage manufacturing , it is a common problem how to butt joint two rebar cage , adding length thread connection can help you connect fast and effectively with good quality guarantee.


1.Cold forging

The sawn end of rebar is enlarged by a patented cold forging process, the core diameter of the bar is increased to a pre-determined diameter

2.Make thread on the ends of rebar , one thread is addling length , the other thread is the standard length.

3.Screw the full coupler onto rebar end with adding length thread 

4.Finish the connection by screw back the coupler to the second bar.


* Upset forging the end of bar play the role of a mechanical extrusion , so the molecular structure is tighter , strength surpass the parent bar, increase the strength value in the tensile.

*The thread cross section area after cold forging is not less than parent bar , the area with thrust surface is larger or equal to the parent bar during the tensile test , so the strength of larger than parent bar.

Upset forging parallel thread connection is the best accepted connection way in the world, also the highest quality connection technology in rebar mechanical splicing, 100% higher than 1.1 to 1.3 times of parent rebar, bear the ultimate test 100% break on the bar outside coupler.


Please kindly find small video , the demo of rebar cage , showed by our international sales person 



Matched upset forging parallel thread connection——Coupler

We JBCZ factory produce upset forging parallel thread coupler , the standard type is from 12mm to 40mm, also manufacture 50mm,55mm,60mm superior large size according to client’s request.

Standard coupler size table ,(coupler size and raw material can be designed according to client’s rebar property and request)

Diameter of steel bar(mm)

Outer Diameter of coupler(mm)

Inner diameter of coupler(mm)

Length of coupler(mm)

Dimension of thread(mm)
























































Test Report 

Matched upset forging parallel thread—Rebar thread processing machine

*Standard upset forging parallel thread processing machine.

                JBGD  --150                                                                                       JBGZL  -45   

*CE Certificated upset forging parallel threading machine

*Semi automatic upset forging parallel threading machine

*Large power upset forging parallel threading machine

*Automatic European upset forging parallel threading machine

Project application

Our products can applied to bridge rebar splice, Nuclear power engineering rebar splice, Seawater desalination rebar connection, LNG project rebar splice, Metro rebar connection, High tower rebar connection, Viaduct rebar connection and etc.

Different connection method 

2》Adding length connection   

3》Right and left thread connection

4》Reducing connection     

5》Weldable connection 

6》Adjustable connection 

7》Epoxy reinforcing bar connection  

8》Terminal embedded bar connection 

9》Bar connection with big chamfering

1. Upset forging parallel thread coupler quality

800Mpa super strength coupler connection    White shinning type coupler     Big chamfering coupler


Right and left thread type coupler       adding length thread coupler             Reducing coupler 

(rebar cage butt joint when both          (both bars can't be rotated)       (Connect two bars with different size)

bars can’t be rotated)    

Embedded terminal coupler    weldable coupler        epoxy protection anti corrosion coupler 

The coupler production stream line that we have

America ACI-318 standard production line

CNC production workshop  

CNC chamfering machine       

CNC cutting machine 

Chinese JGJ107-2010 standard production line

Thread process tapping machine

1:1 make sure the coupler are centre align ,  manual chamfering machine ,  CNC cutting machine


Coupler test steps

1. Purchase raw material    specified steel factory to produce steel pipe    inspect the surface of each batch of raw material before receiving  

Inspect the inner hole for each batch     Test the hardness for each batch  Test the chemical component for each batch , also do the tensile test for each batch of raw material     color marked for storing each batch


2. Qualified production    Record the products quantity and scrapped quantity for each production step     inspect for each 15 pcs coupler by operators

workshop routing inspection per hour ,  Casual inspection by workshop director each two hours    QC director do the casual inspection before storing each day

Warehouse director do the inspection for coupler each day  


3. All couplers have the serial number , or client’s customized mark , there is traceability from raw material’s number , heat number , batch number to the production worker’s code of each step , time of putting in storage , delivery time and arriving time , client’s inspection , start time of using the couplers, etc.


We have test facilities:

100T tensile test machine with computer

in labortary                                                                  test machine for hardness                   Eddy Current Instrument           Spectrum mineral analyzer 

Go and not go gauge              Thread ring gauge              Vernier Caliper                Ball for testing chamfering             100% bar break during tensile test 

Connection methods :


Parallel thread standard splice

Easy connection by bar rotation until full thread engagement . Parallel thread : no risk of thread mis-match. No risk of cross-threading.

Adding length splice

Even when both bars can’t be rotated, use a JBCZ standard coupler . The coupler is fully engaged onto the extended thread of the connecting bar.

The assembly is simply completed by butting the bars end to end and screwing back the coupler onto the first bar until full engagement.

Bridging splice

When the end of reinforcing bar can’t be closed (such as the situation happened during producing rebar cage) , JBCZ bridging splice is the method to solve this problem.  Two ends of bar are threaded the standard length , then a ( bridging connection equipment ) is used to connect two reinforcing bars.

Reducing connection

When connect two bars with different diameters , in most situations , can reduce the rebar size with big diameter , then use standard coupler to connect it . But we recommend special reducing coupler , to avoid the difficult task of planning in advance the need of reducing couplers.

Terminal connection

It is a convenient alternative to hooked bars to provide end anchorages in congested areas. JBCZ standard anchorage heads are circular and have a net bearing area of 4 times or 9 times the cross-section of the bar.

Weldable couplers

For composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel , use JBCZ weldable couplers, which are specially made from low carbon steel and which have a large chamfer for bevel welding.


We have American rebar connection, Chile rebar connection, Columbia rebar connection, Egypt rebar connection, UAE rebar connection, Australia rebar connection, Qatar rebar connection, Mexico rebar connection, ACI-318 Rebar coupler, AC-133 coupler, ICC-ES rebar coupler, type 2 rebar coupler, AC-133 coupler cyclic test, ACI-318 mechanical splice, American standard cyclic test rebar coupler, UK CARES rebar couplers, TA1-A test rebar coupler, TA1-B test rebar coupler, AFCAB rebar coupler, ISO15835 rebar coupler, Bartec  coupler, DCL approved rebar coupler, Slip test rebar coupler and etc.

Any rebar connection problem , please feel free to contact us. 




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