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  • American ACI-318
  • British BS4449
  • Europe AFCAB
  • Tensile Strength: 800mpa-1050mpa
  • Yield Strength: 600-750mpa
  • Permanent elongation test: <0.1
Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
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    • Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
    • Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
    • Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
    • Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
    • Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
    • Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)
Quick Detail:

Product Description

Product Description of Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)

Taper thread rebar couplers are suitable for the majority of applications which require the steel rebar connection. 

Providing assembles to the end of thread rebar usually, and only need to use the calibration of torque wrench to mix and tight the two contiguous steel bars together.  


The design of JBCZ taper thread rebar coupler is suitable for concrete structure, it satisfies the requirements of BS EN 1992-1-1:2004(Eurocode 2) and BS8110 mechanical connection. mechanical connection for Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)


UK CARES technical report No. TA1-B (Size 12MM 40MM

DIBt approval No. Z-1.5-179. (Size 12MM 40MM)

Note: not all types and sizes of rebar couplers are related to the national certificates shown. The type and size of rebar coupers and the details of each national certificates, it can require to reference related certificate documents. 

TTS Standard Rebar Couplers

The design of JBCZ Standard taper thread rebar couplerc is used to connect two same diameters steel bar and the one can rotate. They are suitable the range of steel bar is from 12MM to 40MM.

The size of tapered thread rebar couplers:

Size Outer Diameter
Length Net Weight(kg) Tensile strength  Yield strength
61 0.136





88 0.332
25 35 96 0.523
32 45 107 0.953
40 55 131

We can also provide cryogenic rebar splice for LNG project . 

Matched reinforcing taper thread machine


A standard, Chinese Standard 

processing machine for Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)

B standard, European Standard

Please consult JBCZ customer service 

The introduction of international application projects

Our products can applied to bridge rebar splice, Nuclear power engineering rebar splice, Seawater desalination rebar connection, LNG project rebar splice, Metro rebar connection, High tower rebar connection, Viaduct rebar connection and etc.

Russian Federal Building is the landmark building of Moscow, the tallest building construction in European steel concrete structure.  

Application projects of Cryogenic Taper Thread Rebar Coupler(-170℃)

Brief introduction of projects

In July 2005, China State Construction Engineering Corporation signed contract with Russian Mirax Group, China State Construction Engineering Corporation contracted the Federal Building A tower. The high of A tower is 354 meters and nearly about 100 floors, it is the tallest building in Europe and also the tallest building in world-wide reinforced concert structure. The total amount if A tower project contract is 58,000,000USD, it planed to complete structure construction in 2008.

East Tower, pinnacle: 506 m, roof: 360 m, floor: 93

JBCZ International Customer Service

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Any rebar connection problem , please feel free to contact us. 

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